The seven stations of the tabernacle represent seven revelations of Jesus Christ and seven revelations of prayer (Exodus 25-31 & 35-40). Seven revelations of Jesus: The gate – Jesus, the door Altar of sacrifice – Jesus, the Lamb of God Laver – Jesus, the word of God and the living water Table of showbread – Jesus, the bread of life Gold candlestick – Jesus, the light of the world Altar of incense – Jesus, the presence of God; our intercessor Ark of the Covenant – Jesus, the glory of God

Tramadol Ordering Online The seven revelations of prayer: Location – Revelation – Unite with: 1. Gate – Jesus – His salvation 2. Altar – His death and blood – His blood 3. Laver – His word and the Holy Spirit – His word 4. Light – His revelation and mind – His mind 5. Bread – One with Jesus – Him 6. Incense – His Intercession – His call and ministry 7. Ark – His glory – His glory

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