Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread


Jesus said, “Give us this day our daily bread.”

What does He mean by this?

Jesus is of course the bread. He is the bread of life.

And Jesus Christ is God. Amen!

Jesus says “this day,” or “today.” We know He teaches us to live one day at a time (Matthew 6:34).

So, the truth, expanded, could also be: “Give us today the daily portion of You, God Almighty, that we should receive, that we need, that is right for us.”




Jesus uses a lot of metaphors to teach truth. In this case, He is using food as a metaphor. We all can understand food. It is something we all need basically every day, continually. It is absolutely vital.

Every day, we need a certain amount of food. Let’s assume, for discussion sake, that the right amount for us is three meals in a day.

On a typical day, one meal would not be the right amount. It would not be enough. Five meals would be too many. Both one meal and five meals would not be good for us. We need the right amount.

If we eat too little or too much food in one day, it is not good and can be very bad for us. The ideal is that we eat a certain amount of food daily, the right amount for our health and well-being. This concept is common sense, but it is very important. Indeed, our very health and life depend on it.

It is the same thing spiritually. There is a certain amount of Jesus Christ, of God Almighty, that we can and are able to receive daily and that is the best for us.

More than that, there is a certain amount of Himself, of Jesus Christ, that our all-knowing and all-wise God grants us to receive. And it is up to us to get that “amount,” so to speak.

Our prayer- indeed, even more, our longing, the desire of our being- should be, “Lord God, Father God, give us the amount of Jesus Christ You want us to have today.”




Regarding food, we have to go get it, don’t we? We have to prepare it, eat it and more.

Before modern times, people had to plant seeds, grow food, and reap the food. They had to pick the food, prepare it, eat it and much more. Today, we still have to go get it, prepare it, store it, and so forth.

It is the same with our relationship with Jesus. We have to go get Him. We have to seek Him. We have to make intangible decisions, such as offering ourselves to Him, choosing to seek Him, and more.

On a particular day, if we do not seek Him and do not give Him our heart and being, we receive none of Him. It is our loss.



A Divine Mystery


Herein is a divine mystery.

Every day, God has a certain of Himself He if offering to give us.

Wow! What a privilege!

What an incredible opportunity!

This offer is the greatest privilege known to mankind!

But it is an offer.

We have to get and receive Him. We have to seek Him. We have to give Him our being.

God gave us a free will and will not make anyone seek and “get” Him.

It is up to us.

This truth reveals a sacred, divine, eternal mystery.

Remember that Jesus said: “To you it has been given to know the mysteries (secrets) of the kingdom of God” (Matthew 13:11, Mark 4:11, Luke 8:10).

A mystery: God works with man. Amen.

He has chosen us to be His. He has chosen us to be His children.

He has chosen us to be a part of His work on the earth.

These truths and revelations are indeed incredible, indescribable, unspeakable . . . mysteries.


Receiving Him


Back to receiving Him.

Give us today our daily bread.

There is a certain amount of Him we are able to receive.

We cannot receive more than that right amount of Him. We could not handle it.

He is too glorious, too holy, too sacred, too wonderful.

We are too frail, too sinful, too limited, too mortal.

No man can look upon Him and live.

He knows just the right amount to give us.

Sadly, most people, even as many as 90% or 95% or more, do not receive the amount of Him He wants them to have in a specific day.

In fact, 70% of the world is not even saved and do not know Jesus Christ.

Even among the 30% of the world, who know that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, most people do not seek Him.

We do other things. We do our own thing. We sin. We fall short. We miss the mark.

There is no one who does good, no one who is righteous.


How Do We Walk with Him?


So, how do we receive the right amount? How do we walk with Him? How do we hit the mark?

Give Him our whole heart and self. Love Him with all we have. Seek Him with all we have. Walk with the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus, Who is our Helper and Comforter, Who allows us and even can cause us to walk with Him. Amen!

You shall seek Me and you shall find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.


Daily Walk


Along the same line, a walk with Him is a daily walk, a steady walk, with a certain amount of revelation of Him every day.

“Lord, give me the amount of Yourself today that You want me to receive.”

Our daily bread; our daily portion of Him.


We Can Learn from Trees


Another metaphor God utilizes to reveal truth is trees. God refers to people as “trees” throughout the Bible.

Trees grow little by little, every day. Steady, consistent. They do not grow a whole lot one day, very fast, and then none for a period of time.

We can learn from trees. We should strive for a steady, consistent walk with Him.


You Have Everything You Need to Receive Him Today


The great news is that you have everything you need to receive the daily amount of Jesus Christ that God Almighty wants you to have.

How so?

There is only one requirement: that we give Him our entire being; our everything. That we seek Him and love Him with our whole heart, our whole innermost being, which is the real us, our spirit being.

Receiving our daily bread is not about external things. It is not about religious activity, doing certain religious things, going to services. etc., etc. It is not about knowledge or having a ministry or anything we associate with “spiritual maturity.”

It is just giving Him our all, our whole being. It is just about furnishing the vessel, the temple, for the One and Only to save, deliver, dwell in, renew, make alive, set free, transform and infinitely, eternally more . . .

Glory to God!