About Wonder & Reality Ministries

Wonder & Reality exists to exalt the Lord God Almighty, the Father, His Son Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit!  

W&R is the ministry of Jim Harwell, an evangelist and author based in the USA. 

Thank you for visiting our website. To inquire about booking Jim Harwell for a meeting, email us at: hello@wonderreality.org.

Summer 2021 update:

Thank you for your partnership, prayers and support! The W&R Podcast has been listened to in more than 60 nations. Among its many platforms, W&R has numerous websites proclaiming the gospel. Recently, in just a three week span, people in more  than 40 nations visited W&R’s various websites, many of which are linked on the home page. Some of the visitor’s locations are below; apology for any misspellings.

Please join us as we pray that those following our ministry get saved, healed, blessed, get a revelation of Jesus Christ and His glory, and infinitely more! Amen.

Visitors to the websites from: 

Nation count as of June 2021 – 51 countries

USA- NYC, LA, Chicago, Wash DC, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Atlanta & many more
Canada- Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver & more
Brazil, Colombia, Honduras
UK- London, Sheffield, Annesley
Ireland- Dublin
Germany- Munich, Frankfurt, Bonn, Aachen, Gunsenhausen
France- Paris, Roubaix, Meudon
Belgium- Brussels
Austria- Vienna
Switzerland- Bade
Netherlands- Amsterdam, Dronten, Roosendahl, Meppel
Denmark- Copenhagen
Italy- Milan, Manza, Empoli, Ivrea
Spain- Madrid, Algerias
Sweden- Stockholm
Finland- Helsinki
Poland- Warsaw
Romania- Victoria, Stefanesti, Bucharest
Ukraine- Kiev, Krakiv
Latvia- Riga
Macedonia- Skopje
Turkey- Ankara, Istanbul
Australia- Ryde
Middle East
Israel- Tel Aviv, Petah
Iran- Tehran
Russia- Moscow, Zelenograd, Ste. Petersburg, Izhevsk, Mesyagutovo, Barnaul
Belarus- Minsk
Ukraine- Kharkiv
India- Mumbia, Pune, Dehli, Bengaluru
China- Beijing, Shanghai, Zhumadian, Putian, Fuzhou, Zhuhai, Weihai
Hong Kong
South Korea- Seoul
Japan- Tokyo, Nagoya
Taiwan- Taipei
Indonesia- Jakarta, Surabaya, Gombong, Yogyakarta
Thailand- Maha Sarakham, Surin
Turkey- Istanbul, Ankara
Vietnam- Hanoi
Egypt- Al Khankah, Al Manshah
Zimbabwe- Harare
South Africa