Celebrate Jesus Christ! Jesus is alive! Jesus is the Savior, the Son of God, the great I AM, and . . . the Lord God Almighty! Amen!

What is He like? He’s the most wonderful, most beautiful Person in the universe.

Jesus loves…Jesus saves…Jesus heals…Jesus delivers…Jesus redeems…Jesus invites…Jesus gives…The Father & Jesus give the kingdom…Jesus gives Himself…Jesus blesses…Jesus speaks…Jesus teaches…Jesus leads…Jesus helps and comforts…Jesus reveals…Jesus baptizes…Jesus anoints…Jesus sets free…Jesus prays…Jesus intercedes…Jesus confesses…Jesus reveals Himself…Jesus hides…Jesus honors…Jesus exalts…Jesus promises…Jesus knocks on the door of your heart…Jesus offers fellowship…Jesus reigns…Jesus is coming soon…Jesus Christ is alive forever! He is the Lord God Almighty! Receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Receive eternal life, what humans were created for, celebrate Jesus and live forever in glory.  Amen.

Current podcast series, Summer 2021: “The Glory of the Lord”… the wonderful presence of Jesus.

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Jesus loves
Jesus saves
Jesus heals
Jesus delivers
Jesus redeems
Jesus invites
Jesus calls
Jesus gives
Jesus gives eternal life
The Father gives the Kingdom
Jesus gives Himself
Jesus blesses
Jesus helps and comforts
Jesus speaks
Jesus listens
Jesus teaches
Jesus leads
Jesus reveals
Jesus reveals Himself
Jesus baptizes
Jesus anoints
Jesus sets free
Jesus prays
Jesus intercedes
Jesus confesses
Jesus hides
Jesus honors
Jesus exalts
Jesus promises
Jesus rewards
Jesus grants
Jesus knocks on the door of Your heart
Jesus offers fellowship
Jesus reigns
Jesus is coming soon
Jesus is alive, forever!


Jesus gives Himself, eternal life, abundant life, the divine nature, the zoe life, love, faith, hope, happiness, joy, peace, rest, harmony, purpose, treasures, riches & infinitely more!

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“In Jesus Christ is everything. Outside of Him, there is nothing.”

“With Jesus Christ, we can do all the things He wants and commands us to do. Apart from Him, we can do nothing.”

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The kingdom of God is the presence of God, the presence of Jesus Christ. The kingdom is HIM, amen! The kingdom is here. Repent, and believe the gospel. Amen!

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The presence of Jesus is so glorious, so beautiful, and so wonderful, He cannot be put into human words. 

The Greatest Offer

The offer of Jesus Christ to humanity is the greatest and only offer of life. All other offers are and lead to death.

The Kingdom of Heaven

The kingdom of heaven, Jesus’ most frequently taught subject, is literally the presence of God Almighty, the presence of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit

The Gentle Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the most gentle Being in the universe. He is the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “I am gentle and lowly in heart . . . ” (MT 11:29)

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The presence of Jesus is so glorious, so beautiful, and so wonderful, He cannot be put into human words. 

The new life with God through Jesus Christ is the greatest, highest and only life possible on earth and for eternity. All other paths are and lead to death.

The Presence of Jesus Christ is so glorious, so wonderful, and so beautiful, He cannot be put into human words. This Presence, God’s Presence, is what Jesus referred to as “the kingdom,” His most frequently taught subject during his earthly ministry as a man.

Jesus offers eternal life . . . knowing the only true God and Jesus Christ Whom He has sent . . . life everlasting . . . the divine nature . . . the “zoe” life, God’s supernatural life . . . immortality- to live forever and never die . . . the abundant, overflowing life . . . fullness of joy . . . joy unspeakable and full of glory . . . perfect peace . . . purpose, meaning, harmony, love, faith, hope, prosperity and infinitely more . . . receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, confess your sins, repent and believe in Him! Amen.

Learn all about the glorious, supernatural life with Jesus Christ . . . download these books for free!

Experience life everlasting and eternal life! These books are a comprehensive, easy-to-read summary of the divine life with God through His Son Jesus Christ! The books are normally $9.99 to $14.99 and available free only through this website. The subjects include: heaven, hell, Jesus Christ, faith, healing, Jesus Christ’s promises, the war in the heavens and much, much more!